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How do you get Company Authority?

New companies

The person who incorporates the company online will be automatically granted Company Authority. If that user has incorporated the company on behalf of an organisation (for example, their employer) Company Authority will be granted to that organisation.


Existing companies

Go directly to  Request a Company Authority (you’ll be prompted to login before proceeding).

Follow these steps to request authority through the register search function:

  1. * Login
  2. * Search the register for the company you want authority for.
  3. * Select My Tools then choose Request Authority.


First you’ll need to confirm who you’re requesting Company Authority for; is it for you individually, or for your organisation?

For example, if you’re a director of the company, select the individual option followed by the director option. You’ll be shown a list of the company’s directors, confirm which director you are.

You’ll then be able to move on to the next step, ‘confirming authority’.


  1. Use the existing company key
    Your company may have a company key if it was incorporated before 28 June 2010. If so, you can use this to confirm to the Companies Office that you should have Company Authority. If you’ve forgotten your company key, you can use the automated service to retrieve it.
  2. Request authority from an existing Company Authority holder
    Alternatively you can request authority from someone that already has Company Authority for that company (please see Note 1 below).  When you use this option, the system will notify the existing holder and ask them to either accept or reject the request. 

    Note | A director who has established their own Company Authority can grant authority to other directors or authorised persons. An authorised person who has established their own Company Authority can only grant authority to the company’s directors.

  3. Apply to the Registrar of Companies
    You can request Company Authority from the Companies Office through the Registrar Approval Service. 

Note | You can only use this option if you are unable to obtain Company Authority through either of the first two methods.

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