Beautiful Colors That Match With Gray

Gentlemen, Antonio here. All right. Today, we’re going to talk about
the color gray and how it fits in your interchangeable wardrobe. It’s my belief that the color
gray is one of the most underutilized colors out there when men are looking to build a
classic wardrobe that’s actually going to work for them.
In today’s blog, I’m going to talk primarily about two pieces that you should consider
in your wardrobe. I’m going to talk about where to get them, I’m also going to talk
about a few other ways to bring gray into your wardrobe with shirts with shoes and possibly
with a few other items. I want to hear from you down in the comments,
let me know: What do you have in your wardrobe? How do you use the color gray? What do you
think of the color gray? And real quick, take a second go down there, that way I can go
in there and see what your opinion was before and then maybe you can go in there afterwards
and let me know if I change any of your thoughts about this color? Again, it’s not really
used much in a modern man’s wardrobe. So, the first thing I want to talk about is
the gray flannel trousers. This is in my opinion one of the most underutilized, but useful
piece in a man’s wardrobe and I’m about to show you why. So, this pair right here,
I worked with a company called Trunkist and we’ve designed this very – really a unique
pair, they don’t have any belt loops on, they have side tabs. I took this from – it
was Dr. No when 007 wore something like this. In addition, there’s a great picture of
Warren Beatty, I think taken in 1975. I love the idea of something the length of
the leg line using a very, I mean let’s look at it. They’re not – the material
isn’t super exciting. These aren’t going to grab people’s attention and that’s
the key with trousers is they should allow the eyes to go up and down, look at your face,
they’ll look at your feet and they go back right up to your face where you want to be
able to have eye contact and talk with them. But, the right pair of trousers can allow
the eyes to go up and down and make you look taller they can make you look leaner. In this
case, that’s what I designed this for, but the right pair of gray flannels can match
almost everything in your wardrobe. So, I’ve got eleven shirts here, ten of
which I want you to focus on because they’re all going to be whites and blues. Pretty simple,
right? Guess what? This pair of trousers here will work with all of them here except for
the gray one at the back and I’ll talk about that here in a second. Pretty much all fourteen
of these sports jacket will work with this pair of gray flannel trousers. So, I go through
the dark greens, it’s going to work perfectly fine. Look at that. The blues, I think gray
flannel with a dark-colored blue. This is a classic, it’s next to a suit in level
of formality. In fact, you can wear this with navy and this would be dressier than a light-colored
suit or a suit with a bold pattern. Again, I’ve got a wide variety of blues.
It’s going to work with all of them and that is the beauty. Once you invest in a quality
piece of gray flannel or I mean and there are many other manufacturers, I’m not the
only one that makes them. Brooks Brothers has them, they’re relatively expensive starting
at about $250, you can find some custom clothiers that will do them over in Asia for about,
I think about $150. Be careful, I talked about how to choose a
custom clothier over in that part of the world. Sometimes the materials are really bad, but
to get a great material with a great custom clothier, let’s say you go to Savile Row
or New York City and you’re – you find someone really good, expect to spend upwards
up to $200 to $300 and in some cases $400, yeah, for custom trousers.
So, that’s one of the reasons that we were making these is we wanted to kind of help
fill that void. Again, because they’re gray because they are a non-color, you don’t
have to worry about blues, you got to be careful of what they’re going to go with. You can’t
really try to match blues with other blues, a lot of cool tone items out there are not
going to necessarily work with blues. Gray, you don’t have that issue, it’s a non-color.
Guys, by the way, I’m going to link to the offer over here. Boom! You can click here
if you’re interested in these trousers, I’ll also link them down below. We’re
putting out hundred pairs and I’m pretty excited about this, so go check them out.
The gray jacket. The second item which I think would work a great sports jacket and it can
come in a white and get solid grays, you can get ones that have complex patterns. This
one right here, you’ll notice you go in there it’s got a little bit of blue in there,
it’s got the white, it’s got the black, you know, so with tweed jacket like this,
this is going to have texture to it. It’s going to have a nice feel to it where you
could go with solid, again, you can go with houndstooth, you can go with something that
has a more complex pattern in it. But, I personally like something like this I feel is going to
match a wide range. Now, it’s going to look best I think with
the blues. The whites, they could – they could pale you up. If you’ve got really
light skin or you’re older, you’re above the age of 50, you want to be careful of,
you know, bringing in a white with this as it could pull some of the – some of the
– literally almost pulls – it seems like it pulls the life out of some of your skin.
So, focus in with a blue, maybe also look at some warmer tone shirts if you want to
get outside of this range. [0:05:04]
These – these pants this basically they – a canvas blue, that’s going to work
well. But I really like it when you can start to bring in some contrast. So, you’ve got
this right here this – you see that? Just throw it down there. That would work – almost
be a little bit, I don’t know if I would go with this, maybe in the summer you could
pull this off. But, this right here, that’s going to be
a fine during the fall, winter, spring, even the summer. I could talk about this stuff
quite a bit long, guys. I’ll go into more details in the article right here that will
support this. But, basically you guys maybe wondering, okay, if gray flannels if they
were so great why did they fall out of favor? Really it was denim, less expensive. It was,
you know, in many people’s minds a bit more durable, easy to take care of, so gray flannels
fell out. Also, a lot of flannel was used during the war, it was something that was
readed very carefully. We didn’t use as much denim in the war, so they weren’t the
same types of rationing on it. Things like that conspired against it.
We also saw same thing with sports jackets. A lot of men just aren’t wearing sports
jackets nowadays. Now, I talked about few other things here. Gray shirts. Now, gray
shirts in general if they’re solid, I don’t really like them. I do like it though when
you bring that cool little pattern like this. Again, Ledbury is the manufacturer of this
one. I have it, I like it, I’ve worn it a few times. Be careful about wearing too
much gray. Guys, I don’t recommend matching a gray jacket with gray trousers. To me it’s
choose one and that’s why I went in that order. I did mention start with the trousers,
get a few pairs and you can have variation. I got this pair, very similar to – these
were actually use as the designs off the one that I’m working with Trunkist on, but,
again, I love the side tabs. For me it’s really unique and it sets me apart. I make
sure that they fit me properly the side tabs, let me adjust, I don’t need a belt like
this leg line. I also like the guy – and I have these other ones I made with Trunkist.
I’ve got a hidden pocket, so I can hide my credit cards or hide anything. I also don’t
have back pockets on these trousers. It was my design my choice to go for more streamline
silhouette. Gray is a color that you – it allows you
to do and focus in on other things. So, these pair of shoes, the color isn’t what we focus
in on. What we focus in on is the texture. We focus in on the fact that they’re using
suede. This is from Paul Evans by the way, I’ve talked about him in another blog in
which I talked about loafers. Boom! Right over here.
But, guys, again, gray the color isn’t a color and it’s not going to grab attention.
What I love about gray it allows you to focus on in other things, it doesn’t hug the limelight,
sits in the background, and allows you to build a more complete interchangeable wardrobe.
Guys, take care. Go check out the support article and, let me know what the comments,
have I change your thoughts about the color gray.
Take care. See you in the next blog. [0:08:08] End of Audio
colors that match with gray

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