Beautiful How To Clean Microfiber

[music playing] Hey guys! It’s Ivy from "How to House." Let’s talk microfiber sofas. Show of hands, internet. Who all has one? Have you ever tried to
clean one of those bad boys? The stain comes right up, but
you’re left with a water mark and it drives me insane. Water rings, get out of here. Today, I’m going to show
you how to clean microfiber upholstery the right way. Now before you do anything,
check to see that your sofa has a care instruction tag. W means the fabric
is water safe. S means to clean with
dry cleaning solvent. SW means both water
and solvent safe. And X means dry brush only. These techniques should
work on any fabric labeled W, S, and SW, but always test
it in an inconspicuous place first. No tag at all? Treat it like an S. Now that we have that out of
the way, let’s get started. To clean your
microfiber sofa, you’ll need light-colored
sponges, rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, and
a clean scrub brush. Spray the stained area
with rubbing alcohol, getting it pretty saturated. Now scrub with your sponge. It’s important to use
a light-colored sponge to avoid color transfer. Scrub away until all the
smudges and stains have lifted. The sofa’s clean, absolutely
no water marks, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Once the fabric is dry,
you’ll notice it feels rough, and the opposite of the cozy,
soft couch you had before. This is where the
brush comes in. Brush the rough area
with a clean scrub brush until the fibers are fluffed
and your couch is soft again. And that’s it! Your couch is clean, fresh, and
ready for your next TV binge. Fixer-upper anyone? What household dilemma would
you like me to solve next? Be sure to tell me in
the comments section, and don’t forget to
like and bookmark. I’ll see you next time.
how to clean microfiber

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