Amazing Soul Food Thanksgiving Dinner

I am 69 today birthday For my 69th birthday I love my comedy Love you guys Okay nice, so I’m gonna shout out three people on my birthday muff um I got more curves, but I can only do a certain amount I The first one is Lois Clark And I think I pronounced it wrong doing them up on you by this Lewis lark Lewis Yes, I got your card, and I loved it I also got a beautiful letter earlier from eight verts Israel and I read your letter on my mother, and I got a beautiful wonderful card from in : Nina or Nona hold me Hey guys. I love you, and thank you so much for your parts. I’m running out of space I’m gonna have to start putting them on my anything up here. You know so thank you guys Mmm. Love you Join me for my birthday Oh Some food my phone. I have some do it’s just macaroni and cheese some corn bread dressing Some delicious fried chicken some collard greens turnip mustard You name it some delicious tomatoes And I am about to chow down Happy happy birthday to me Guys here’s my soul food my bum my soul food Birthday my bum Not just any mukbang All these glasses are irritating. Let’s get er. Let’s get a really nice thumbnail look bad ah Is that a nice thumbnail? Yes, okay thumbnails or thumbnails, but I am hungry I’ve been cooking all day, and I’m gonna share this with you look at that macaroni and cheese greens dressing potato salad and fried chicken Yes, let’s get this mud bugs started Okay guys, so I am drinking my water Yes and I Have some hot sauce for my chicken Have to have hot sauce on my chicken and it happens to be Frank’s redhot. I love that Let’s just drown this with it guys I’ve been munching off and on all day. You know how do you cook this kind of a meal and you don’t? But you have to taste it. Oh, I can’t wait. Let’s get the first bite a nice first bite be this Delicious chicken look at that. I cook this in my air fryer Look at that delicious chicken that I just put some Yummy, yummy your hops outside I really needed this So that You know Hmm my tomatoes do they spin for tomatoes from the farmers market? And It’s nothing better than beautiful bread, right Tomatoes with all your meals look at that Hmm I Have some raw onion that I have to have on my grave I’m how you eat your greens, but Hmm I have to help Take out some mac and cheese on here is stuffing. You know I Thought about oh look at this potato salad, let’s get into that All these recipes you’ll be able to find at the bottom of Oh in the description box, and if you’re new here Good to share button we hang out every now and then We’re karma. Family. We’re all about love. I think you’ll enjoy our Channel Hit that share button so you become a karma baby and part of the Karma family guys I hadn’t done a site in a while, and I really missed you guys. I don’t know what’s going on here, but The potato salad a little chicken there and a little greens Hmm Put your breath on your own food like this It’s so good. Oh my gosh, I love greens I Have turkey meat in there and look at that Mmm. It’s so good at the beginning of the site I Said Hello to my karma babies but from now on I will also be saying hello to my secret viewers because I found out that I have tons of secret viewers Yes I think that’s a gizzard right there. You know the way that I make my gravy Guys I Know this looks like Thanksgiving And to me it is Thanksgiving Every day is the Thanksgiving to me? Every single day So guys Let me tell you why I did a shout-out to my secret viewers amazingly Good water my daughter works at a very nice job Sorry I’m honor I have things that are going on. I want to tell you about them, but I’m eating so And this is really good guys Potato salad very easy check out the recipes in the description box get ready for Thanksgiving I Do not think you will be disappointed And if you have any questions about anything on the recipes ask me So let me remember that because somebody did have a question about one of the recipes, but then you go back to the secret viewers my daughter Came was at work one day, and she was away from her death hmm Come back to her death, and there’s a young lady standing there with her hands on her hips There she goes The young lady goes you have some explaining to do he was like oh What’s going on you know and She’s a co-worker of my daughter’s Although they don’t work in the same department, but they’ve seen each other and you know met each other And she was like eh sure is your mom grandma karma my daughter was floored I Had to get up, can you believe my daughter works with someone? Her name is Sandra. I don’t know I’m sorry Sandra. I don’t know if you pronounce it Sandra or Sandra and her daughter Sandra’s daughter reades the grainy karmic mukbang stew and My daughter was just floored She actually called me while the young lady was right there at her desk and like mom you’re not gonna believe this And it just goes to show you How intertwined we all are No, this is a town a mile and a half No, not a mile when they have an hour and a half away from here and She recognized my daughter from one of our mukbangs. She saw her and we were in a seafood mukbang together And she’ll recognize my daughter Shut up to you Sandra of Sondra, I’m sorry I don’t know how to pronounce it. I don’t know which one it is but shout out to you Thank you for being a silent viewer and reading she said her and her daughter read my sites every day Guys heaven a Beautiful slice tomato on the side of your greens and all and you just sprinkle it with little salt and pepper Mmm. It’s the best I Haven’t done a site you know few days Where I’m sitting and talking with you guys I’ve done some sites I posted some but cooking sites I Have so much to tell you I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know where he began had all the way to end This dressing guys I’m telling you Try it for your family try the recipes that I have here And your holiday or your meal will be a hit, I’m telling you These are things that I’ve done over years you know of trying different things and Minnie Mouse Who’s a karma baby want to know First of all did I have my recipes written no, I don’t I Don’t have a written down. That’s why I’m recording them Because I Want to leave that legacy for my grandchildren and my children And I can’t write it down because I don’t do measurements that well. You know I’d season as I go along I season as I as as the food is cooking That’s why I’m usually for by the time my food is done Mmm so that Cooked in the airfryer guys You don’t have to do fry it, and I think I have a couple of sites about my airfryer and fried chicken check it out I think Sandra, but an air fighter was just saw my site on air frying, so They’re wonderful So many of us Want to know that about whether I had my baby I was written down No, I don’t and maybe you know if I were just took a cookbook or something like that Maybe I can get somebody to help me with that which would he offer? And she also wanted to know she said she’s readed the dressing site on all of them several times and she’s preparing herself for Thanksgiving, so She says she thinks she can do it Minnie Mouse as I said if you run into a problem. Give me a call well You don’t have my phone number, but text me. I’m gonna be reading my PM’s Thanksgiving I promise you if you run into a problem I will Respond to you. I’m gonna be checking back and forth I Want your Thanksgiving to be special? Know one of the things that you did ask me was Can you use jiffy mix instead? Yeah, you can use chicken mix, but remember? But you need a nice sturdy bread for dressing you know And jiffy mixes fluff fluff you know um It works, I don’t see why not I’ve never used jiffy mix For my dressing. I’ve just never used it for that Although I love jiffy mix, and I use it you know like when I want to make a quick cornbread But remember it’s gonna be sweet jiffy mix is sweet, right Do you read your stuffing to be sweet, maybe not I don’t know Hmmm this is so good guys oh Good What a birthday meal ah So food anytime any day Yes, you couldn’t make it with just a mix but Making Your own cornbread is so easy especially if you get like the Martha white cornmeal mix I Think they have a quick Cornbread box like jiffy mix. I’m not sure but All you need is the cornmeal a little oil some eggs. Maybe in some milk Same things that you would need for the chick remix, and you’re gonna get a hurry Earth’s dirtier Bread because you’re you gently mix, it’s gonna be all fluffy. I don’t know how it would hold up and say dressing I really don’t cuz I’ve never ever done it. I always make it from scratch looks like Dressing with the little kidneys, I’m in deserts on the side Mmm This is my Thanksgiving meal and my birthday meal Oh tell you Except that this is some goodie. I tell you I promise you Yeah, I was eating while I was cooking I know I’m not for for but Hmm I could stop, but I don’t want to and I’m not going to That was a leg and this is a pie, what’s a couple bites over? From the airfryer and it’s be with So Thank You Sandra or Sandra Because of you, I will make sure to acknowledge all of my silent viewers from now why What did they say there’s Ten degrees of separation or something like that but look how She works with my daughter on a daily basis, and she reades my sites on a daily basis I Think that’s a beautiful wonderful thing guys Speaking of my birthday dinner I Have gotten so many birthday cards You guys know how I am about birthday curse mmm, I’ve gotten curse This one is from Cola south carolina And it states god bless you on your birthday look at that That is so beautiful I love these coats. I’m running out of space on my desk over there and this is from Oh Nicole It’s Nene Nene Coleman Aka emo, Nicole. Oh, how beautiful And you states god bless you on your birthday and keep you all year through God give you all the faith it takes To make your dreams come true May his love and wisdom I was Keith always helped to guide you on your way And his light shine down upon you now to bless this special day The God of love and peace shall be with you Second current that is correct it correct at this 1311 oh my You know no matter how old you are you can be 69 like I am now or 70 and you still have hopes and dreams and you still strive and Go to God for wisdom Thank you so much Mona or Nene Nene For this beautiful card. I will treasure it. I promise you And I got another card from Its look Sometimes, I part rack part time reading the writing on the outside, but it says look if this is from Lewis Lewis Derek This is lark la Que si honey. I’m sorry. I can’t really He’s some pizza, Philadelphia, PA and Maybe this la ke, I’m not sure hmm He says dear grandma karma miss Jordan as an avid viewer. Thanks immensely for your infectious Warm spiritual gentle wise positive personality. I enjoy your cled Food my buns. I really enjoyed the whole civility site I Enjoy that too our low voices Please tell grandpa karma. Hello may God opportunely bless each one of your family members For all you did for the kind thoughts and warm intentions that came with it. Thank you and in PS He says I love the gossip of music please include more Lewis D Yes, I remember I saw your comments on the page when I included the singing from my church and I know you like those. I know you like those and I will try to include more in thank you so much for this beautiful card I Really really appreciate it. Let’s put that one over here. I really appreciate it. How sweet of you I? Knew I got another I Don’t want to leave this out. This is from eight Berks Israel, and he’s from Illinois, and he sent me a beautiful Spiritual letter and some literature And I do want to read this so that I’ll be part of it um I’m not gonna go through the whole thing, but his name is like I said a Berks Israel and he said I just want to tell you that I love your channel your food always look so good My favorite mock bonds is the one who did with the salmon rice lively? Salsa, and macaroni salad that meal looks so good. I was very impressed that you made it yourself I can tell you know about food I have some information that I bet you didn’t know did you know that blacks? Hispanics and Native Indians are the true Israelites that the Bible speaks up Did you know that Christ was a black man the proof is in the Bible? I haven’t closed a flyer from Israel United in Christ with more information I pray that you read it when you have the time you can also search YouTube for Israel uniting in Christ for more Information this truth is worldwide very respectfully OVA Israel, thank you so much for the information. You know guys I was talking you about You know being a Buddhist and a Baptist at the same time and so people are interested And I’ve been reading your information, and I really appreciate it um We can learn at any age right guys we can learn at any age So um you know what this site has been going on and on guys but I just get on here, and I just love talking with you guys I Love sharing my food mmm. This is good No, I don’t know what I’m gonna do on Thanksgiving because This is my Thanksgiving Day meal, but you know what? This is where I went it for my birthday So good This is what I wanted for my birthday, and I was like you know what I’m not gonna wait for Thanksgiving you Cannot wait for tomorrow Tomorrow it’s not promised to you You know prepare for tomorrow Prepare for tomorrow But don’t wait for 12:00 Because it is not promised to you So we had our Thanksgiving Day meal when we wanted it we didn’t wait Grandpa caramel love this meal and Grandpa karma said that He’s going to be and Some of my upcoming sites, and I’m so happy for that. I want him to be you know he’s about well He has limited strength, and I don’t want to take his Fred to do sites Unless something that he wants to do Unless he wants to do them So the theme of this site guy says Prepare for the future But don’t wait on tomorrow Don’t wait on tomorrow tomorrow may never come I’ve lived long enough Where I’ve seen that happen over and over again Where tomorrow never comes Remember my karma babies and my salad viewers How others treat you is fair karma How you respond to it how you respond is your karma And babies Look at this I’ve been eating all day while I’ve been preparing my food and I ate a lot. I’m fool And I love you guys, and I will see you Oh in the next site I Love you my karma babies, and I love you my secret viewers Love you guys. Bye. Bye now
soul food thanksgiving dinner

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