Tax Registration and Fillings

SRI BALAJI CONSULTANT provide the following income tax consultancy services:

  • Applying and obtaining Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) and Tax deduction Account Numbers (TANs).
  • Filing of Income return for individuals, firms, companies, trust or HUF.
  • Providing updates on significant and pertinent changes in law.
  • Assistance in availing benefits, exemptions, relief, rebates and deductions to minimize the incidence of tax.
  • Filing of returns and expediting the process of obtaining refund.
  • Identification and implementation of tax planning opportunities for various Indian companies under the Income-tax laws, so as to reduce their income-tax liability.
  • Reviewing clients' tax affairs and advising in tax planning for individuals, firms, companies, trusts, etc. Counselling on specific tax problems.
  • Designing the best tax-structure for our clients, in compliance with the statutory regulations.
  • Tax Audit.
  • Innovative ideas which are practical and can be systematically implemented Minimization of risks resulting in higher financial stability.
  • Advance tax computation.
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Wealth Tax Assessment.
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