Amazing Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone knows that turkey is the featured
dish for most Thanksgiving celebrations. But how did turkey become the traditional
meal it is today? And what other dishes are eaten at Thanksgiving? Just like a modern Thanksgiving dinner, the
feast in Plymouth in 1621 contained a wondrous variety of foods. However, many of their dishes would look out
of place on a modern Thanksgiving table. Amongst the items eaten that day included
deer, fish, lobster, and clams. While these items would seem unusual Thanksgiving
dishes today, other items they ate would seem perfectly appropriate. Fruits, berries, squash, turkey, and pumpkin
were all included. Turkey has always been the centerpiece of
the Thanksgiving meal. It’s a bird that is native to North America,
and it therefore seems proper that it would be the main course of such an all-American
holiday. References to turkey being eaten at Thanksgiving
can be found as far back as Alexander Hamilton who said that no citizen “should refrain
from eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day.” It is estimated that Americans consume nearly
50 million turkeys every Thanksgiving. With the average weight of each turkey being
15 pounds, this means almost 700 million pounds of turkey is eaten every Thanksgiving! Turkey is certainly not the only item on a
modern Thanksgiving menu. Most families will also include a number of
dishes that have almost become as traditional as the turkey itself. Turkey is usually served with dressing, or
stuffing. This is a bread-based dish mixed with a blend
of herbs and spices. Chestnuts, celery, raisins, apples, turkey,
and even oysters are also blended into the dressing. In many parts of the country, they use white
or wheat bread to prepare their dressing. However, in the southern portion of the country,
it is traditional to use cornbread. Other items featured for the traditional Thanksgiving
meal include mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, yams, sweet potatoes,
deviled eggs, various kinds of salad, bread rolls, biscuits, and cornbread. Dessert brings us even more traditional Thanksgiving
staples. The most prominent dessert across the country
is pumpkin pie (pumpkins are also native to North America). It is estimated that about 50 million pumpkin
pies are eaten every Thanksgiving. Aside from pumpkin pie, other types of pie
are also popular, including pecan, apple, and cherry. These items and many more have helped make
Thanksgiving the special holiday it is. As time moves on, there is no doubt that these
favorites will continue to be a meaningful part of the Thanksgiving season.
typical thanksgiving dinner

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